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2 face drug possession charges after Florida marijuana bust

Police say they have confiscated marijuana plants valued at $600,000 from a home in Palm Bay. According to authorities, the pot plants were anywhere from 6 to 8 feet in height and yielded what police are calling high-quality marijuana that sells for approximately $4,000 a pound. Two men who were allegedly cultivating the plants were arrested on charges of drug possession and drug paraphernalia possession.

Police report that they seized 190 plants yielding 150 pounds of pot during the arrest. Authorities first carried out a search warrant on the Florida residence on Valentine’s Day. Two men were inside the home and police arrested both.

Allegedly, the police obtained a confession from one of the men, who admitted to moving to Palm Bay from Miami in order to live in the house for approximately four months. Police further say that the man admitted to cultivating and growing the pot plants. Purportedly, the man said that the marijuana crop was only three weeks away from being harvested.

If police reports are true, and they have indeed secured a confession from one of the men, that confession could potentially be used against the man during criminal proceedings. Still, it is not known if that statement was legally obtained, if this Florida man was read his Miranda rights beforehand or if the man was represented by counsel at the time of the statement. The circumstances under which an alleged confession is made will determine if it can be used as evidence in the coming criminal proceedings. In some cases, for example, may rule such evidence inadmissible, so that it cannot be used against them during the trial of their drug possession charges.

Source:, Police bust Palm Bay grow house, find marijuana worth 600k, Andrew Ford, March 4, 2014


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