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Florida drug sales and possession accusations can come from tips

Some in Florida may be familiar with the Crime Stoppers program. The program is one that encourages citizens to report information about crimes such as drug sales and trafficking in an effort to help police catch those who they suspect. Readers may be interested to learn about the increase in the number of reports made to this program over recent years.

In fact, Florida officials say that the number of reports has increased from those that led to 300 cases in 2003 to more than 1600 cases last year. This increase has led to an estimated $879,000 in drugs being taken in by local police. Many of these drugs came from people accused of crimes such as drug sales or trafficking in our state.

Of concern to some in Florida is the fact that arrests are made soon after tips are reported to the Crime Stoppers program. Some of the tips may come from those seeking to obtain a portion of the more than $144,270 in reward money that was paid out to people in 2013. This money came from fines assessed to those who have been convicted of drug related crimes.

Being accused of a crime such as drug sales or possession can be a stressful event for people in Florida and elsewhere. This is true regardless of how police came to suspect illegal activity. What often gives hope to those who stand accused in our state is the fundamental right that they have to question all aspects of the events that have led to their arrest. This can include the motivation of those offering information to police using programs such as the Crime Stoppers one.

Source: Island Reporter, Tips led to 696 arrests in 2013, No author, Jan. 2, 2014


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