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Drug sales crimes could be included in new Florida laws

Readers in Florida may be interested to hear about a proposed change to the mandatory sentencing laws in our state. The proposal, one of its proponents states, may have a chance at passing in the next few months. If this were to occur, the new laws would apply to those in our state who have been convicted of drug sales or possession of certain included drugs.

The drugs that would apply to the new laws here in Florida include oxycodone and hydrocodone. Those who have been found to have been included in drug sales or possession could see their sentences reduced by many years. This is good news for those who have been the victim of mandatory sentencing in the past.

The changes include how the drugs are measured when mandatory sentencing rules are applied. It appears that the amount f intoxicant in the pills obtained can be similar, regardless of the weight of the pill. However, under the current rules, the weight of the drugs s what drives the amount of jail time given to those who have been found guilty of drug sales and possession.

The new laws, if passed, could take affect soon here in Florida. This means that some people in our state who face criminal allegations could soon find that they face shorter penalties for their alleged crimes. This is good news, officials say, because it benefits Florida as a whole due to the high cost of imprisoning people. However, until the laws pass and become effective, people accused of drug sales sands possession here in our state will continue to work to fight for their freedom as they proceed through the court process.

Source: The News Herald, Sentencing reform set to pass, co-sponsor says, Matthew Beaton, Dec. 28, 2013


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