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Drug possession and sales charges come in Florida after raid

Florida officials say that it was the assistance of neighbors and the local community that led to the arrests of several people recently in Polk County. Those who were arrested, including three teenagers, stand accused of crimes relating to drug possession and other such crimes. Now they have to work to defend themselves in an effort to avoid the harshest of penalties.

During the police effort that led to the arrests of a total of 27 people, police had entered three homes. When they were finished, they say that they had found some two pounds of marijuana and a large amount of prescription drugs. In addition, there are accusations that large amounts of cash and firearms were also present at the homes.

These alleged discoveries led to the criminal allegations of drug possession and sales. Though it is unclear as to the exact details regarding how the police came to suspect the homes that they raided, they have asserted that there was a three-month-long investigation prior to the arrests. Now, those who stand accused will likely begin to prepare their defenses for what could include a questioning of all details related to this investigation and the charges made against them.

When a person in Florida is accused of crimes like drug possession or sales, they often seek to avoid harsh penalties, which could include jail time. This effort is allowed as a matter of right and can lead to the exoneration of a person unjustly accused. To ensure that the best outcome is achieved for a person who has been charged with a crime, it is often helpful for them to review the applicable laws as their case progresses.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, Florida undercover drug sting: 27 busted in Polk County, Kevin P. Connelly, Dec. 21, 2013


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