Police in a northern Florida county say that they have arrested two people on drug charges. The men are being held and accused of drug possession for a synthetic type of cannabis. According to a report, the investigation was ongoing for a period of time before the arrests.

The drugs that resulted in the criminal accusations include the one known as “spice.” The drug is said to be both an incense and a synthetic form of cannabis. The charges include possession and sale of the drug, improper use of a credit card and delivery of drug paraphernalia. If convicted, the men could face harsh penalties in Florida.

Though details of the official investigation have yet to be reported, it reportedly involved some five gas stations. The arrests took place in Gilchrist County and included police and officials from agencies such as FDLE. It is not clear if the men could face additional drug possession charges in the future as a result of the official inquiry.

What is known about this criminal drug possession and sale case is that the men who have been accused have the right to defend themselves against the claims made against them. This right includes the opportunity to question all aspects of the events that led up to their arrests. In this case, it may include the assertion that the men thought that they were selling incense. A court will be asked to consider the evidence that it deems admissible and decide the fate of the men accused, a decision that can be helped by defense efforts of those who face criminal charges.

Source: WCJB TV-20, More Spice Arrests in North Central Florida, Chris Gilmore, Nov. 18, 2013