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Florida police officers complete drug sales that end in arrests

A recent report indicates that Florida police in one local town have netted more confiscated money from alleged drug buyers than in any other state. In fact, it appears that officials in Sunrise have found a way to get people from all over the country to come to their town, under the lure of buying drugs. Once there, they find that they are arrested for everything from drug sales to possession and other crimes.

An investigation by a local newspaper found that the Florida officials conducting the stings used methods that included using informants to find the drug buyers. Though it is unclear the exact techniques used, the officials say that they have seized millions of dollars in illegal money. Some of that money, the report notes, has gone to pay the informants as much as $800,000.

When the people arrived in Florida, they were met by police at local area restaurants. There they were sold cocaine and arrested after the transaction occurred. Many of the drug sales ended with charges relating to crimes that include possession and trafficking.

When a person in our state is accused of a crime, such as drug sales or possession, they most often find it necessary to present a defense against the accusations. In situations like the ones that occurred in Sunrise, the accused may wish to review all aspects of the police efforts to lure them to the city, entice them into buying drugs and then arrest them. Each of these are subject to procedural rules and, if not followed, an accused person’s rights may be violated, leading to an inability to be convicted.

Source: Fox News, Police in Florida suburb make millions from drug sting operations, report finds, No author, Oct. 14, 2013


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