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Drug possession in Florida leads to need for defense

There is good news in a recent report made by Florida officials. They say that the number of deaths related to drugs is down this year from last. However, though fewer people have died, many still find that they are the subject of accusations of drug possession and other crimes.

The report indicates that in 2011, some 9,135 people died in our state from the use of drugs. In 2012, that number had fallen to 8,330 people, the lowest number since 2008. The most popular drug in our state was heroin for those who died form usage.

However, there are many more people who do not die from the use of drugs. Some of these people come into contact with law enforcement and find that they are accused of crimes such as drug possession. When this happens, those individuals are able to assert a defense, as is a fundamental right for all of those in our nation.

A defense against an accusation of drug possession often leads to the questioning of all aspects of an incident that led to an arrest. This includes not only the review of the physical evidence but also all contact with law enforcement. Though fewer people in our state have died from the use of drugs, those that stand accused may benefit from a review of the applicable laws of Florida early in the defense of their case. This effort can pay off when they are able to avoid the most serious of penalties that can be imposed by our courts.

Source: Bradenton Herald, Deaths from drug abuse drop sharply in Florida, locally, Terry O’Connor, September 25, 2013


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