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Fewer accused of prescription drug crime in Florida

The number of those being arrested for certain crimes in Florida has fallen over the past few months. This includes assertions relating to prescription drug crime in our state. In fact, in one county the rate of arrest for these types of crimes has fallen by as much as 50 percent.

A recent report notes that there are many reasons for the fall in the number of prescription drug crime arrests in Florida. A part of that decline comes from stricter rules relating to how police are able to gather evidence against those who are accused. Now, they must seek a warrant or doctor permission before obtaining medical records.

In addition to more stringent rules for police, clinics are also facing tougher standards. This makes the practice of “doctor shopping’ more challenging in some cases. This is because of the increased paper trail that is created when a patient is prescribed medications that police believe are often associated with prescription drug crime.

Though there are fewer people in our state being accused of prescription drug crime has fallen, there are many that still face such claims. Those individuals may find that they must work to present a full defense against accusations. Now, many of these defenses may include a review of the new regulations relating to the gathering of evidence. Such regulations may allow some in our state to overcome the accusations that have been made against them. This is good news for people facing serious penalties in these types of prescription drug crimes cases.

Source:, “In parts of Florida, where pill mills reigned, decline in prescription drug fraud arrests,” Jacob Carpenter, July 12, 2013


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