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Federal drug crime charges faced by Florida man

A Florida man was found guilty recently of multiple drug charges. The man had been accused of a federal drug crime after a search warrant was issued earlier this year. The trial lasted only two days and ended with several findings of guilt.

However, before the man in this case was found guilty, he was able to make a defense against the federal drug charges. This defense likely included a questioning of all aspects of his arrest, including the controlled drug buy that police asserted that they conducted. In many case, the defense is able to successfully assert information that leads to a finding of not guilty, often due to the fact that proper procedures are required during an arrest.

In this case, the man was said to have had marijuana and $12,500 in cash when he was arrested. In addition, he was wanted by authorities for a warrant that was six months old. These facts may have contributed to his conviction on federal drug charges including drug possession and possession of a firearm.

Facing federal drug crime charges can be difficult for anyone who finds themselves in suck a position in Florida. When this happens, it is necessary for people to seek information regarding the charges made and the laws that apply to their specific situation. This effort can help to create the best defense possible, an effort that can end in a finding of not guilty, or a lessening of potential penalties. This is a good outcome for those who find that they are the subject of a federal drug claim.

Source:, “Madison Man Convicted Of Drugs And Firearms Offenses,” July 8, 2013


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