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Man faces drug possession and other charges after car accident

A tragic car accident led to the deaths of several people on a Florida highway recently. The crash happened when a car struck another vehicle after running through a posted stop sign, authorities suggest. The investigation into the crash ended with the arrest of one of the drivers involved for crimes such as drug possession and DUI.

Florida police assert that the driver who is suspected of having caused the car accident had been drinking and using drugs before the incident. In fact, they say that he had a .234 blood alcohol level when tested after the crash. They also say that they found drug paraphernalia and marijuana when they inspected the man’s car.

The inquiries led to the DUI and drug possession allegations that the accused man faces came after witnesses apparently told officials that the man had left a local bar a short time before the fatal incident. He may have been at the bar for several hours prior to the crash. It is unclear, however, if they have asserted that he appeared to be under the influence of any other intoxicant, such as drugs.

The man must now work to present a defense against the drug possession, DUI and other criminal charges. This defense may include a review of all of the evidence presented, including the procedure used by officials to search his car and person. This effort could end with the man being cleared of all charges or other favorable result. Regardless, he will surely benefit from an understanding of his legal rights. Anyone accused of a crime in Florida has the right to fight for their freedom.

Source:, “Lakeland driver arrested in crash that killed three,” May 2, 2013


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