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Florida man faces drug possession charges after body search

Employees of a Florida cell phone store contacted police recently about a man that they believed had been in the restroom of the store for an extended period of time. When he left, the employees say that they went into the bathroom to see why he had been there for so long. What they found led the man in this case to be arrested for drug possession related crimes.

Upon entering the bathroom, employees say that they saw a bent spoon and a syringe cap that was orange on the back of the toilet. This led to the employees contacting a Florida police official regarding their discovery. They pointed the man out and a police officer contacted him.

During that contact, the officer asserts that the stopped man allowed him to conduct a search of his person. This resulted in the discovery of other drug paraphernalia such as a syringe and a knife containing residue of drugs. In addition, the man is alleged to have had two blue pills in his possession at the time police searched him.

These discoveries led to the drug possession arrest of the man who had visited the store restroom. He was charged with possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia and a New Legend drug without a prescription. If convicted, he could face penalties under our state’s laws, but before this can occur, the man will be allowed to present a full defense. This effort can include the questioning of all evidence presented, including the details surrounding the search of his body by the local police officer. The good news for those who have been accused is that not only can they present this defense, but also that they cannot be convicted unless they are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, an exceptionally high standard.

Source: NWF Daily News, “Bent spoon in bathroom leads to drug arrest,” April 19, 2013


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