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Florida drug possession charges comes after parking lot arrest

Readers in Florida may be saddened to learn about a mother in our state who was recently arrested. The woman stands accused of drug possession and other charges after coming into contact with police in a parking lot of a large retail store. The charges relate to her alleged possession of crack cocaine and paraphernalia.

Once they found the woman in the parking lot, they say that they discovered that she had a 2-week-old baby with her in the car. Though they did not see a quantity of crack, they say the woman apparently had a pipe with her. In addition, they indicated that she appeared intoxicated.

Though they say that the accused woman attempted to throw the pipe away before police could get to it, police conducted tests on the glass pipe in the possession of the woman. They retrieved it from under her car, where it had landed. Authorities allege the pipe contained a residue of crack cocaine. Police say this is what led to the woman’s arrest and the accusations against her.

Now, like others who find themselves in similar situations in Florida, the woman in this case must determine if she will present a defense against the claims made against her. If she does, she may wish to review evidence relating to the discovery of the alleged crack cocaine pipe in her possession, a detail that led to her arrest on drug possession charges. In addition, an effort to gain an understanding of the applicable laws could allow her to best fight the criminal claims made by police in this case.

Source:, “Police: Mom found holding crack pipe while child in car,” March 13, 2013


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