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Individuals in Florida accused of drug sales and possession

Many readers in Florida know that local police often use different enforcement techniques in an effort to uncover instances of alleged drug trafficking. These efforts sometimes include traffic stops on our roadways. This is the tactic used recently by officials along a Brevard County road where they believe that drug sales and other such activities take place.

During the recent traffic stop effort by Florida officials, police claim that they arrested 8 people. The charges against these people include drug sales and possession-related crimes. In addition, many more traffic tickets and written warnings were issued during the traffic stop program.

The drug sales and possession charges issued against the accused come from the probable cause stops that were conducted during the enforcement program. Such efforts are common for local Florida officials who say that they are necessary to slow the traffic of drugs in our state. However, the traffic stop program could lead to some arrests for individuals who may have not committed the crimes for which they are accused.

Being charged with crimes such as drug sales or possession can be a stressful event for anyone in our state. When this happens, it is often important for the accused individual to work to present a defense against the criminal claims. This defense can include issues related to the arrest of the person. In cases such as this traffic enforcement effort, this can mean the details as to how and why the car containing the accused was stopped by police officials in the first place.

Source:, “Brevard Times: Drug Traffic Targeted In Melbourne and Palm Bay: VIDEO,” Feb. 18, 2013


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