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Florida prescription drug crime charges can come at every age

Florida readers may be interested to learn that as many as 2,500 teenagers use prescription drugs for the first time each day, according to one report. Some of these kids may end up facing prescription drug crime charges as a result of the use of such drugs. Others may find that they require services of one of the many programs popping up aimed at ending this type of drug abuse.

According to a recent news report that focuses on a Florida teenager, it is easy for young kids to access prescription drugs. In fact, the teenager notes that there are parties attended by kids regularly that have bowls of drugs for the taking. Often the drugs include ones such as Xanax, Oxycotin and Ecstasy.

In cases where the teens come into contact with police as a result of the use of these drugs, some find that they face prescription drug crime accusations. Some of these charges may come to the one in six kids in our nation that have abused these drugs in an effort to get high. It is unclear how many of the arrests made each year in our state involve kids who are abusing prescription drugs.

However, regardless of the age of the person accused of prescription drug crime, the accusations can be stressful and serious. To fight against the claims, the accused person may seek to review evidence gathered against them as they begin to present a full defense. This review may include considerations of all aspects of an incident that led to an arrest as well as the details of the actual police contact. Though not every kid who uses prescription drugs will face arrest, when they do they may be able to fight against the serious criminal claims.

Source: Huffington Post, “Alicia Clouse, Florida Teen, Opens Up About Prescription Drug Addiction (VIDEO),” Jan. 7, 2013


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