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Florida man faces drug possession charges after traffic stop

In many cases, a simple traffic stop leads police in our state to suspect the presence or use of drugs. This is what happened recently after a police stop for a traffic offense. Now, a Florida man has been charged with crimes related to drug possession after cocaine and marijuana was allegedly discovered in his vehicle.

Florida officials say that the man and four passengers were in the car when it was stopped for the traffic offense. It does not appear that the arrested man was the driver of the vehicle involved. During the stop, a police dog scented drugs inside of the car. This caused the five people in the car to be detained and searched.

During the pat-down and search, the young man was said to have had nine individually-packaged portions of marijuana and a small amount of crack cocaine in his possession. The crack cocaine reportedly fell out of the front of the accused man’s pants as police searched him. The drugs that were discovered led to the drug possession and distribution charges.

The young man who was the subject of the drug possession arrest in this case was taken into custody and charged with these serious crimes. He is expected to appear in court in the coming weeks. When he does, he will be able to present a full defense against the accusations made against him if he so chooses. The defense may also seek to question all aspects of the man’s arrest, including the events that led to the search of the car and the man’s person.

Source:, “Traffic violation results in man’s arrest for drugs,” Dec. 28, 2012


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