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Florida prescription drug crime may be increasing

A Florida man is lying in a local hospital in critical condition after being shot by police. Officials say that the man was shot after he failed to comply with officer requests that were made as they were trying to arrest him for a prescription drug crime, among others. The incident happened in a local Palm Bay pharmacy.

The man in this case has been accused of entering a pharmacy and demanding that he be given oxycodone. In addition, police say that the accused held a gun to the pharmacist as he sought to obtain the illegal drug. He is also accused of seeking money from those who were employed at the pharmacy when the incident occurred.

A local police official noted to a reporter that this type of crime has become more common in Florida. In fact, because of the pill mill influx in our state, many have become addicted to drugs. This has led some, though certainly not all who are actually accused, to commit crimes to obtain drugs.

Now, the man in this case faces prescription drug crimes charges and other criminal claims. Once he recovers from the physical injuries that he sustained in the incident, he will be able to present a defense against the accusations made against him. This defense may include not only the accusations surrounding the prescription drug crime allegation, but also the details of the events that led up to his being shot by police. In both cases, all aspects of the events may be reviewed as the man works to clear his name.

Source:, “Palm Bay SWAT officer wounds Walgreens robbery suspect,” Stacey Barchenger, Nov. 29, 2012


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