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Manhunt underway for two Florida men accused of drug trafficking

Authorities are seeking two men that they say may have moved large amounts of drugs through the state of Florida. The men are accused of drug trafficking crimes involving marijuana. Now, police are looking for them using avenues such as Crime Stoppers and other media outlets. The men are believed to have strong ties to Charlotte County.

The drug trafficking allegations come from the assertion that the men have moved $6.5 million in marijuana through Florida. Authorities have charged the men with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of the drug. These serious allegations could lead to severe penalties for the men should they be convicted of the criminal charges.

However, before a conviction for drug trafficking or other offenses can take place, the men in this case must first be arrested. If that happens, the accused defendants will then have the right to present a defense against the claims made against them. This defense can include questioning all witnesses and reviewing all physical evidence.

Though these men are being sought for crimes involving extremely large amounts of drugs, many others in our state face the same trafficking charges when found with a relatively small amount of prohibited material. Following an arrest, those that are accused can be intimidated by the court process that they face. To help alleviate the stress and confusion caused by such charges, many may find that it is beneficial to seek out a criminal defense attorney to review all available materials on the charges made against them as they seek to present a defense against the allegations.

Source:, “Alleged drug traffickers with Charlotte ties sought,” Oct. 20, 2012


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