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Florida man faces drug trafficking charges after traffic stop

A man is facing several criminal charges after he was pulled over in his vehicle recently. According to Florida police, the drug trafficking charges arise from when police were on their way to the man’s residence to execute a warrant. As they approached the residence, police say they saw the man drive away from his home. Police subsequently stopped the car and placed the man, identified as being 29 years old, into custody.

Police searched the vehicle and allegedly found several different drugs that were packaged in plastic bags. After the search of the car, police traveled to the man’s home. At the home the police are alleged to have found more drugs, including a large amount of crack cocaine. A subsequent field test of the alleged cocaine is alleged to have confirmed this fact.

The man is said to have admitted to possession the drugs. Police stated that he told them that he had drug issues and that he would sell the drugs in an effort to raise enough money to purchase more. It is unclear at this time whether the man remains in custody, or when he is set to appear in court to answer to the charges.

A drug investigation by Florida police may result in the execution of a search warrant when drug trafficking is suspected. However, in order for a warrant to be valid, police must follow certain procedures. If these procedures are not followed, a search warrant and the evidence police are alleged to have gathered as a result may be subject to suppression in related criminal proceedings. This legal attack is but one of the many ways in which an accused individual can defend themselves as they seek to protect their legal rights and fight for a favorable result.

Source: Florida Today, “Palm Bay man arrested on drug trafficking charges,” Andrew Ford, Aug. 24, 2012


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