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Florida Gator faces drug possession after deferral violation

Florida Gator fans may be familiar with defensive tackle Leon Orr. He was responsible for 10 tackles and one sack during the 2011 football season. Unfortunately, he was also the subject of an arrest for drug possession in early 2012.

The defensive tackle was accused of misdemeanor drug possession in January. This charge came after University of Florida police allegedly found a bag of marijuana, a pipe and rolling papers in his on-campus dorm room. He was given a deferred prosecution, fined $50 and ordered to complete 12 and 1/2 hours of community service as a result of his arrest.

Under the terms of a deferred prosecution, those who have been accused of drug possession, like Orr, are required to remain away from legal trouble. However, Orr was cited for knowingly driving with a suspended driver’s license on May 14. This charge apparently violated the terms of his deferred prosecution.

Like all of those who have been charged with drug possession, Orr had a right to present a defense against the accusations. Additionally, he was able to accept a deferred prosecution in this matter. This would allow him to remain free of the drug possession charges if he were able to complete all terms of the deferred prosecution. Because he has reportedly violated the agreed terms, he may face penalties for his drug possession charge.

When a person finds that they face drug possession charges in Florida, they may wish to consider all available options. These include presenting a defense against the accusations or other legal alternatives. A full review of the matter that is being charged can be advisable for a person facing such criminal accusations.

Source: ESPN, “Florida Gators’ Leon Orr cited for knowingly driving with suspended license,” Michael Dirocco, May 15, 2012


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