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Florida GED teacher accused of drug possession

A Florida teacher assigned to teach GED at a county jail has been charged with drug possession offenses. The accusations come after a reportedly six-week investigation by authorities. The drug possession charges include possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of powder cocaine, manufacture of crack cocaine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Florida police report that they entered the home of the teacher on April 5 after having secured a search warrant. The home was shared between the accused teacher and a 26-year-old man. Authorities claim they seized between 20 and 25 crack rocks that weighed about 8.6 grams, a little more than an ounce of pot and just less than two grams of powder cocaine. Additional drug sales paraphernalia was also reportedly discovered during the search.

The serious drug possession charges may result in heavy penalties for the teacher if she is convicted. These could include not only legal penalties but dismissal from her job as well. She has been placed on suspension with pay from the school district pending an investigation.

Like all of those who have been accused of a crime, the teacher in this case will have the right to present a full and complete defense against the accusations. The defense will likely include a review of the investigation leading up to her arrest, the evidence discovered and all actions of the police in this situation. A chance to confront all witnesses will also be included in the fundamental rights that she may assert. When a person finds that they face drug possession charges such as those in this Florida case, they would do well to focus on each element of the crimes alleged as they fight to clear their name and achieve a successful result.

Source: The News Herald, “Teacher arrested on drug charges,” Chris Olwell, April 6, 2012


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