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Police file drug charges after finding 2 men, boy in Jacksonville hotel room

Acting on an alleged complaint from a Jacksonville hotel representative about suspected prostitution and drug possession and use, the police recently went to investigate at a Jacksonville. When they went to the Florida Candlewood Suites hotel room where management directed them, a 4-year-old answered their knock on the door.

After entering the hotel room, police discovered that the boy was in the hotel room with two men. As the police officers watched, the boy allegedly reached down, picked up something off of the floor and put it in his mouth. The police allegedly retrieved the item and claim that it was a rock of crack cocaine.

One of the men with the boy allegedly admitted he had rented the room for the boy’s mother. She purportedly used it as a base for prostitution. However, the child’s mother was not present at the hotel room when the police arrived.

Police arrested one of the men on multiple charges, including drug possession and intent to distribute. The other man was charged with possession of cocaine. An arrest warrant was issued for the mother, who was contacted by cellphone and allegedly refused to return to the hotel. The child in this case was taken into police custody and later transferred to foster care after he tested positive for cocaine, according to a news report.

When a person in Florida finds that they have been charged with a crime such as drug possession, they must work to present a full defense. The potentially serious charges can result in heavy penalties, thus it is important for the arrested person to gather all relevant information and focus on the specifics of the allegations against them. The right to confront witnesses and challenge evidence offered in support of the allegations is fundamental for a defendant. Additionally, anyone accused should remember that no conviction can occur without the court finding that a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: Imperfect Parent, “Florida 4-year-old tests positive for cocaine,” Prescott Carlson, April 20, 2012


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