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Divorce may end in alimony under varying circumstances

In Florida, a divorce may end with the court offering an alimony award. While Florida is still an equitable distribution state, explains The Florida Bar, there are still instances where alimony or spousal support is available. 

Alimony is supposed to help one person in the couple survive outside of the marriage. This could be an award on a temporary or permanent basis. The following explains the purpose of support. 

Alimony may help with a transition 

The transition from a marriage to single life is particularly difficult for those who had support from the other spouse. One side of the couple may need help with the transition into independence and so bridge-the-gap alimony can help. 

Alimony may help rehabilitate a spouse 

If one person in the marriage took did not work or focus on his or her credentials, then alimony can help said spouse acquire the training and education necessary to enter the workforce. With this type of alimony, there has to be a rehabilitative plan in place. 

Alimony may help those who cannot provide for themselves 

The rare type of alimony is permanent alimony. Courts award it on a permanent basis if one of the parties has no financial ability and cannot meet his or her necessities of life after the marriage dissolves. This is rare and often only occurs if the couple had a long marriage. 

Courts do not typically order alimony on a permanent basis. Even long-term alimony may be subject to modifications in the future. Divorcees can find more information on spousal support or alimony on our web page. 


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