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Terms and Conditions of Spousal Support (alimony)

It is one of the most common questions people have when deciding to file for divorce: Will the court award spousal support? Naturally, alimony is one of the most emotional issues among spouses on both sides.

Unlike decades past, when Florida courts routinely awarded spousal maintenance to a spouse facing a financial disadvantage following divorce, today spousal support is more likely to be awarded on a temporary basis, to help one spouse finish school or job training, remain in the home until it can be sold or meet a special health care need.

Permanent spousal maintenance is typically only awarded in cases of a long-term marriage in which one spouse remained out of the workforce in order to raise the family or serve as primary homemaker.

Decisions About Spousal Support May Have A Far-Reaching Financial Impact

No matter which side of the alimony dispute you will be on in your divorce, make sure you can trust your Florida divorce lawyer to aggressively protect your rights. In Lee County, turn to Fort Myers alimony lawyer Ian F. Mann in Fort Myers. Our law firm is recognized for effective divorce representation backed by the highest levels of client service. Most important, we make sure you understand how your decisions about spousal support will impact your immediate and long-term financial future.

Can Alimony Judgments Be Modified

Under specific conditions, spousal maintenance may be modified to meet the needs of the parties. In most situations, the financial circumstances of both parties must change substantially for the courts to consider a petition to modify its original judgment. Call us with questions about your current circumstances.

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