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How coparenting can provide stability in your child’s life

You cannot avoid the impact that divorce has on your family. Many kids go through a period of confusion, grief and anger. While you should expect your kids to have a negative reaction, you can also expect that your children can acclimate over time. Kids can adjust to a divorced household, but they have an easier time when you and your former spouse work together.

Successful co-parenting creates a stable environment with a solid support system.

Consistency creates stability

Kids need consistency in their lives. Try to keep their routine the same, regardless of which house they stay at. Work with your spouse to create a schedule you can both abide by. Start with a consistent parenting schedule. Kids will have an easier time acclimating to two households if the schedules remain consistent. Likewise, they know what to expect when they have similar rules in both homes.

Working together creates a supportive environment

One part of a stable household is the supportive environment. Kids depend on you to be there to support them. Likewise, they rely on your former spouse. If you and your ex can work together, then your kids will feel confident that they can go to either of you with their problems. When you work together, you show your kids that they do not have to choose sides. Instead, they can rely on two loving parents.

Be careful not to speak badly of your ex in front of your kids. Kids may internalize how you feel about your spouse and isolate themselves. Encourage a relationship between your kids and your co-parent.


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