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Mediation is a requirement for divorcing couples in Florida

If you are facing divorce, keep in mind that you cannot go to trial as a first step in settling the serious issues that contributed to ending your marriage.

In the state of Florida, divorcing couples must first try to resolve their differences through mediation.

About mediation

Mediation is a process that takes place outside of court. No judge will be present. You and your spouse will meet with a trained mediator, a neutral third party who assists couples with dispute resolution.


Mediation is a less expensive and time-consuming option than litigation, which can last for months if not years. This outside-of-court process is also less stressful and contentious since the mediator focuses on keeping the negotiations on track in a calm, respectful atmosphere. It is perfectly acceptable to ask questions and voice your opinions as you work to solve issues and create a divorce settlement agreement that is satisfactory to you both. No divorce is too complex for mediation. You and your spouse will work toward an agreement on major points such as property division and child custody matters. If needed, you can enlist the aid of accountants, appraisers or financial planners. The mediator will also provide access to relevant legal information.

Advantages of communication

Communication is key in the mediation process. You and your spouse will learn to find ways to discuss major issues in a civil and productive manner. The ability to communicate openly will benefit you throughout the mediation process and serve you well as you focus on building new family relationships in a post-divorce world.


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