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How can you afford college for your children after a divorce?

The financial repercussions of a divorce may continue to impact your life for years afterward. Proactive planning can help you retain control of your money and prevent negative consequences from jeopardizing stability.

If you have children, you may face concerns about planning for their educational needs. Budgeting for college after a divorce is something you will want to begin right away.

Encourage participation

Your children can help you save for their college experience. From an early age, encourage your children to participate in saving for the future. As your children enter their secondary education years, research opportunities at their school for them to earn scholarships or financial funding that can go toward college.

Involvement in extracurricular activities may open opportunities you never dreamt possible. For example, your children might excel in sports, find enjoyment in sharing musical talents or even discover an interest in politics. You can collaborate with community and school professionals who might have ideas of ways your children can share their talents with others and gradually build their reputation.

Know your options

Saving money in a bank account can help you visualize how much you can reasonably put away each month. However, bank accounts cannot build compound interest like other forms of investment. According to CNBC, during divorce proceedings, try to negotiate a plan for financing your children’s college experience. Having a clear understanding of each parent’s responsibilities might alleviate some stress for everyone.

Other options you can consider include opening a 529 savings plan, learning about governmental financial aid and diversifying investments into shorter-term accounts that can help you optimize the value of your money over time.

Despite your divorce, you can work with your children to set goals for the future. With the right help and with a targeted plan, your children can still have the opportunity to further their education regardless of the changes to your family dynamic.


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