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Can a prescription land you in jail?

Doctors prescribe medication for a myriad of ailments. However, some of these drugs have potent and addictive properties that make them illegal for you to have without a prescription.

The law takes drug possession seriously, especially if the substances have a high addiction rating. What does this mean for you should you face arrest with prescription meds in your possession? Discover some of the critical elements of Florida’s drug laws.

What is possession?

Under the law, having a controlled substance within a reasonable distance of you may fall under possession. This means anywhere near your body is fair game. A common location for the police to find drugs is in the car. If you are driving and the police find pills within your reach, you may face possession charges.

What drugs can you carry?

If you take prescription medication, you may need to travel with it. Many people do not carry their pills in prescription bottles. While nothing under the law says you have to carry them this way, you may want to. Unless you keep a paper script from the doctor, transporting your pills in their original bottles is a better way to avoid the police questioning their validity.

What drugs rank higher in potency?

Some prescription medication is relatively harmless to others. Those rank higher on the schedule of drugs put together by the Drug Enforcement Agency and used by law enforcement and courts to enforce drug laws. The most addictive drugs are Schedule I and have no medical benefits. However, some drugs have both medical use and addictive tendencies, such as opioids. Getting caught with these dangerous drugs without a prescription often result in higher ramifications.

The circumstances surrounding prescription drugs in your possession factor into how the court proceeds. Getting the assistance of someone familiar with handling these charges may play a role in getting through.


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