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A look at parenting time plans

Whether you recently finished the divorce process and have concerns about custody or visitation or you are thinking about ending your marriage and you worry about how the court will award custody, it is important to go over various legal topics related to custody. For example, if you have a parenting time in place, make sure you understand the details of the arrangement, including your rights and obligations.

Unfortunately, some parents fail to respect the guidelines in parenting time plans, which can cause emotional hardships and uncertainty. In some instances, the other parent needs to pursue enforcement.

Legal aspects of parenting time plans

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, the state’s Child Support Program has incorporated parenting time plans since 2018. Courts take these plans into consideration when calculating child support and courts also have the ability to enforce or make changes to parenting time plans. The purpose of these plans is to allow parents who owe child support to spend a fair amount of time with their kids.

The details of parenting time plans

If you have a parenting time plan in place, carefully go over the details of the document. These plans outline when each parent can spend time with their kids, including holidays and weekends. For example, a plan may stipulate that a child spends certain holidays with one parent during even-numbered years and the other parent during odd-numbered years.

A parenting time plan can have a significant impact on your relationship with your child. Make sure you address any questions or concerns you have regarding this facet of family law.


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