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Do you qualify for drug court in Lee County?

Some people facing criminal charges related to substance abuse are eligible for Lee County drug court. This voluntary program provides intensive treatment for individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.

If you have pending felony charges in Lee County, learn more about qualifying for this opportunity for recovery.

Program eligibility

You may qualify for Lee County drug court if you have a current probation violation for a felony charge or a new felony charge. The court does not admit participants who have charges for sexual misconduct or violence.

You or your attorney can request screening for the program, which requires evaluation by a drug addiction specialist. You must also agree to sign a contract to abide by the terms of the drug court program. You must pay all program fees and maintain employment.

Program requirements

During the five-phase program, the drug court judge will supervise and monitor your progress as you complete the requirements, including:

  • Random urine screening
  • Treatment for substance use disorder as indicated by your evaluation
  • Regular court appearances in which the drug court team will review and discuss your progress
  • Daily recovery program meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Weekly probation officer meetings
  • Curfew restrictions

As you complete each phase, you can step down to the next phase with reduced requirements; each phase also has specific goals to meet.

Most people take about 15 to 24 months to complete drug court. In the final phase, an aftercare program helps you prepare to live a substance-free, crime-free life outside the Florida court system.


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