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How can you help your kid cope with divorce?

Florida parents like you may stress about your upcoming divorce for many reasons. Your child’s reaction is likely one of them. No one can predict how their child will take news of a divorce. Different factors contribute to this wide range of reactions.

But before all else, you need to mitigate any damage this news may cause. You can do so by following some tips for talking your child through divorce.

Tailoring divorce talk to your kid

Psychology Today talks about approaching your kids for that divorce talk. The first tip is to tailor the discussion to your child. No matter what, each kid will react to the news in a different way. You need to consider their age and maturity level. Take their personality into consideration, too. Is your child mature for their age? Do they have a calm temperament? You know your child better than any tip guide. You can take what you think will work and leave out what will not.

Time it well

Next, choose the right time for the talk. Do not rush it. Do not have it right after you and your co-parent argue. You do not want your child to pick up on these tensions. They may misconstrue it and believe you are angry with them. Aim for an earlier time, too. You do not want to wait until your divorce is nearly finalized to tell your kid.

Choose your words well, too. Know what you want to share and what is off limits. Be on the same page with your co-parent. Present the information together. Also, try to let your child know what changes they should expect. This removes some of the surprise, and thus makes divorce a little less scary.


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