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Illegal sharing of prescription drugs

When people receive a prescription from their doctor, they may think they can dispose of the medication in any way. However, Florida has laws concerning the proper use of prescription drugs. It is important for people to understand what they can and cannot do with a prescription, as well as the penalties they might face for sharing medications. 

According to Very Well Mind, it is illegal to share medications with other people. This means that if people still have leftover medicine, they cannot give it to a family member or friend who has a similar illness. Additionally, people cannot take a prescription that a doctor wrote for another person. This is because the law usually classifies prescriptions as controlled substances. It is typically illegal for people to get a prescribed medication if they do not have a written prescription from their doctor. This is because it is easy for people to abuse certain medications. 

Will people face charges? 

People may have a prescription from their doctor, making it legal for them to possess a medication. FindLaw says this possession can be illegal if people intend to sell their prescriptions. Law enforcement officials might charge a person with the intent to distribute if he or she has more pills than necessary to treat a medical condition. People might also face drug possession charges if they cannot demonstrate that they have a legal prescription. In this situation, people may face stiff consequences. 

What is the penalty for sharing prescriptions? 

If people illegally share their prescriptions, they may face varying consequences. Law enforcement officials in Florida might consider the kind of drug, as well as the amount a person sold. They may also consider whether a person had a legal prescription or forged one. Depending on their situation, people might face a few years in jail or they may have to work with a drug court. 


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