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Florida firm aggressively advocates child custody disputes

The outcome of a child custody dispute can have a profound impact on your relationship with your child and affect his or her emotional and physical safety. This is why before petitioning the court for any type of custody or visitation arrangement, you need to make sure you have the strongest legal arguments possible to back your position.

As we have discussed previously on this blog, child custody and visitation determinations are based on what the court feels is in the child’s best interests. This is a pretty subjective standard, which means that there are lots of legal arguments that can be made to support your position. Evidence of substance abuse, physical abuse or neglect, and domestic violence can all be powerful in these kinds of disputes, but so, too, can evidence of the child’s wishes, each party’s financial standing, and even the school system in which each parent lives.

In order to best position yourself for success on these matters, you need to be aggressive. At our law firm, we take pride in our ability to gather critical evidence to support our clients’ positions and present our cases persuasively to family court judges. We also know how to anticipate arguments made by the other side, which allows us to develop counter-arguments to minimize or eliminate the damage and protect our clients’ positions.

When it comes to your relationship with your child, there’s just too much at stake to not put forth the strongest fight you can. If you don’t, you might lose significant contact with your child, or your child may be left in a home that poses a threat to his or her well-being. Therefore, please carefully consider whether a skilled legal team, like the one at our firm, can be of any assistance before proceeding on these matters.


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