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Domestic violence can take many forms

It can be hard to leave an abusive relationship. This is because domestic violence can proliferate a relationship, warping an individual’s perception of his or her abusive relationship. This can prove dangerous, as a victim may be willing to stay with or return to an individual who puts his or her safety and well-being at risk. For this reason, it is important that Floridians learn to recognize the signs of domestic violence so that, if the time comes, they can develop a plan to escape their situation.

Domestic violence manifests in various ways. The most obvious is physical in nature. Here, a perpetrator may bite, scratch, punch, push or even strangle an individual. Not all physical abuse leaves marks, though, so it is sometimes hard for victims and those around them to differentiate when a line has been crossed into domestic violence. Yet, physical abuse can be broadly defined, and may include threats of harm, acts that intentionally disrupt one’s sleep pattern and destroying an individual’s possessions.

Physical abuse isn’t the only type of domestic violence. Emotional or psychological abuse, such as when a perpetrator insults or intimidates another on a consistent basis, can be considered domestic violence. This type of domestic violence may also include overly-controlling behavior and manipulating an individual’s children.

Financial abuse can also occur. Here, a victim may see his or her employment sabotaged by the perpetrator, his or her access to bank accounts and other assets severely limited or the perpetrator might accumulate debt in the victim’s name.

Domestic violence is extremely dangerous, which is why those who are affected by it need to carefully consider how to protect themselves and their loved ones. An attorney who is experienced in this area of the law may be able to help obtain an order of protection and take other legal action to better ensure safety.


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