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Accused of drunk driving? Legal help is available

Fort Myers-area police are constantly trying to crack down on drunk driving. They keep their eyes out for minor traffic offenses that may allow them to administer field sobriety tests, and they oftentimes establish sobriety checkpoints to try to catch individuals in the act. Those who are arrested on allegations of drunk driving can face the potential of serious penalties. Depending on the facts at hand, jail and extensive fines are a very real possibility, and so, too, is mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device and licenses suspension. A drunk driving conviction can also cause extensive damage to an individual’s reputation, thereby affecting his or her ability to secure future employment and even housing.

Oftentimes prosecutors claim to have iron-clad cases against those who are accused of drunk driving. They rely on the testimony of police officers, observations made during field sobriety tests, and the results of breathalyzer tests. Sure, some of this evidence may seem pretty condemning, but these evidentiary forms are far from perfect, which is why Floridians who face allegations of drunk driving may want an aggressive and competent criminal defense attorney on their side.

Our legal team knows how to attack the prosecution’s evidentiary weaknesses. We can recognize when a police officer acted contrary to the law, when field sobriety tests are administered inappropriately, and when breathalyzers are wrongly calibrated and misused. Using this evidence, we fight for our clients’ best interests. Sometimes this results in dismissed charges or acquittals, but sometimes the evidence is too overwhelming to overcome. Yet, if in these latter scenarios, we have successfully negotiated plea deals that allow our clients to escape the harshest of penalties.

DUI charges need to be taken seriously. Those who fail to do so can wind up being hit with penalties that are life-changing. Fortunately, those who have been accused may have a fighting chance in the form of a proven criminal defense attorney.


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