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Dealing with multiple charges in drug offenses

Those who have been following the local news around Fort Myers might have picked up on an event in which six people were arrested for various drug charges in early June. This is an example of drug arrests resulting in multiple charges for the accused.

Even if it seems there was only one alleged offense involved in a case, the authorities often find a way to level all accusations technically possible against an accused individual. Anyone could be the target of this type of zealous law enforcement behavior, from first-time offenders to those facing enhanced sentencing due to prior convictions. This is complicated when discretionary accusations are involved in the event.

Fox News reported on the drug arrest that led to the arrest of six people on multiple drug charges. The police operation obtained heroin valued at $42,000 that was allegedly in the accused’s possession, among other substances. While one might assume this would lead to a relatively straightforward set of charges, that was not the case.

Police often use a drug bust as an excuse to apply every conceivable charge to an individual. According to the Lee County Sherriff’s Office, one of the accused individuals is currently held, at the time of writing, on tens of thousands of dollars bond on duplicate charges of drug possession and drug selling

Excessive charges could be an indicator that an arrest was made for some reason other than the pure pursuit of justice. In the case of the recent drug arrests in North Fort Myers, an area with a serious opioid addiction epidemic, innocent people could very easily be caught in the crossfire as police forces scramble to control their jurisdictions.


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