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What is the state of the opioid crisis in Florida?

It is no secret that there is an opioid problem throughout the whole country. These drugs are being prescribed legally and bought illegally off the street. They are highly addictive, and many illicit drugs are deadly. The overuse of prescriptions leading to addictions has been talked about a lot. There are countless orphans left behind due to the problem. It is huge, but what is happening with opioids in Florida?

The Orlando Sentinel reports that while naloxone, the drug that can save a person who has overdosed, is readily available to first responders, it is not enough to save the lives of those who are addicted to opioids. Plus, it is not even addicts who are overdosing on a daily basis. There are so many substances on the street that are deadly in any dose that even first time users are overdosing. 

These drugs are very scary. Sometimes just a small speck can bring on an overdose. In addition, those who are addicted find it very difficult to get away from it. Treatment programs are too expensive and combined with the large lack of affordable healthcare, people simply cannot afford to get clean. 

Opioids are now the main cause of death for people under 50 years old in the country. There is no doubting it is a huge problem, but the complex nature of this issue makes it difficult to combat. Government officials have done what they can through strengthening penalties for dealers, ensuring the availability of naloxone and dedicating task forces to study the problem. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 


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