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Drugs that may lead to addiction as well as legal problems

You might be one of many Florida residents currently taking prescription medication for a chronic pain condition or other ailment. Perhaps you’re in good health, but take pills from a friend to help you stay awake and study for college exams or, oppositely, to get some much needed sleep while dealing with a family crisis of some sort. There are any number of situations in life that may lead you to take a drug. The problem is some drugs may highly addictive and possibly, illegal.

It’s always a good idea to research a particular drug before taking it even if your doctor prescribed it for you. Especially in situations where you have obtained a particular drug from a non-medical source, you’ll want to consider the possible health effects of ingesting it as well as potential legal repercussions.

Warning: These drugs are extremely addictive and may be illegal!

Depending on your particular circumstances, you could wind up in a heap of legal trouble if you take a drug, offer someone else a drug or merely have a certain drug in your possession. If you understand your rights and know where to seek guidance if needed, you may be able to overcome drug-related problems. The following list includes information on some of the most addictive substances out there and possible legal ramifications of having, using or distributing such drugs:

  • Alcohol is a highly addictive drug that many people fail to consider when they get into the habit of consuming it often. Studies suggest it may be possible to be genetically predisposed to a propensity for alcohol addiction. If a police officer pulls you over on suspicion of DUI or accuses you of giving alcohol to minors, you may find yourself in need of strong criminal defense.
  • Millions of people in the United States are addicted to drugs, many of whom use amphetamines. Such drugs are powerful stimulants, which is why those who use them often say they do so to gain increased energy and alertness. The type of amphetamine, where you obtain it and how you use it may determine whether you incur legal problems because of these drugs.
  • Life can be very stressful at times. If you suffer insomnia or an anxiety-related disorder, someone might suggest you try Benzodiazepines to help promote sleep or calm your nerves. Drugs, such as Valium or Xanax are extremely addictive. 

Many other addictive substances that can negatively affect your health and your life exist. On the legal side of things, just because you have a pill bottle in your pocket or take a medication to treat an existing adverse health condition does not necessarily mean you are breaking Florida drug laws.

If you do have a drug addiction and want help to try to get your life back on track, there are many support networks throughout the state that provide resources and encouragement in such situations. There are also experienced attorneys who can help those currently facing drug-related legal problems in this state.


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