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Arrested for DUI? Stay calm and read on

Red and blue flashing lights are typically the last things drivers want to see in their rearview mirrors, particularly if a driver has had a drink. Instantly, you can start worrying about the cost of a ticket, why police pulled you over and whether the drink you had earlier will wind up costing you your license and your freedom.

There is a lot to worry about when it comes to drunk driving offenses and penalties in Florida. However, there is information that can allay some of these worries. 

Anyone can wind up facing DUI charges

This is something many people fail to recognize. No one is immune to DUI charges. Anyone from teens testing boundaries to grandparents who are on medication that enhances the effects of alcohol can be arrested for drunk driving.

Additionally, understand that a DUI charge does not make you a bad person. Otherwise-law-abiding people are just as capable of making a mistake as anyone else. And the fact is that most drivers have no intention of hurting anyone, and people arrested for drunk driving can be struggling addiction or may not even realize they are drunk.

Tests can be deceiving

Just because you feel like you failed field sobriety tests or an officer says your preliminary breath test results put you over the legal limit doesn’t mean you are legally impaired. These tests are far from perfect in gauging intoxication.

Scrutinizing tests is a crucial part of challenging DUI charges. Faulty machines that have not been recently calibrated can give inaccurate results; police can err in the administration of the tests; there may not even be grounds to conduct the tests in the first place. 

You have rights to defend yourself against charges

People feel guilty when they are sitting in handcuffs or hearing an officer place them under arrest. But the fact is that you are innocent until proven guilty.

However, you do need to take action to protect yourself and your criminal record. You can consult an attorney to discuss your options, examine the possibility of plea negotiations and assess the case against you to determine what steps you will need to defend yourself. 


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