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14 alleged gang members each face federal drug charge

Agents from the federal law enforcement have passed down indictments for 14 people whom they believe were members of a violent gang. The arrests include 11 counts, with more than one federal drug charge.  It is all part of an attempt by federal authorities to crack down on the drug trade in Florida.

Among the charges are drug trafficking and racketeering, which could carry stiff sentences if the accused are convicted. Police claim that this is their way of removing violent offenders that upset the security of nearby neighborhoods. The gang has apparently kept fear in the streets since the year 2000, and moved more than 21 grams of coke a day in most days, according to the report.

The alleged leader of the gang has already spent 18 months behind bars with regard to convictions for fleeing to elude, grand theft auto and carrying a concealed weapon. The so-called “drug supplier” for the gang reportedly encouraged the leader to commit murder back in 2010 and has spent over two years in prison for trafficking coke. Another man is named as the “drug sales supervisor and seller,” and is accused of being involved in two homicides.

Eleven others stand accused of various crimes in connection with these arrests. At both the federal and state levels in Florida, an accused individual is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. Anyone facing a federal drug charge, or other criminal charges, has the right to consult with an experienced defense attorney. He or she can help the client build the best defense possible against the formal accusations.

Source: Miami Herald, “RICO indictments for Gwen Cherry drug gang members“, David J. Neal, May 11, 2017


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