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Texting leads to prescription drug possession arrest

Text messaging makes life easier. Rather than having to dial a number, wait for the person to answer and then begin to state the message, one can simply type in a message, hit send and receive a reply at the other person’s convenience. However, just as one can accidentally dial a wrong phone number, one can also accidentally text to the wrong person. This scenario has apparently landed on Florida man in legal trouble for prescription drug possession.

Allegedly, a young man came into possession of 14 tablets of Diazepam and 67 tablets of acetaminophen/codeine. According to police reports, he then texted this information to what he believed was his friend’s phone number. In this text message, he purportedly offered to sell these controlled substances.

Unfortunately for this young man, he is said to have entered an incorrect phone number; rather than send the message to his friend, he accidentally sent it to a narcotics officer. Reportedly, this officer shared the message with local police who replied and offered to buy the tablets. A meeting was scheduled, and the transaction allegedly took place. However, in yet another unfortunate turn of events for this young man, the sale is said to have occurred next door to a church. Police say once the sale was complete, he was arrested and charged with prescription drug possession and selling within 1,000 feet of a church.

Many Florida individuals take prescription drugs such as these for a number of legitimate reasons. However, when these drugs are not legally prescribed by a doctor, legal problems may result. Experienced legal counsel can help guide those facing a similar situation through the legal ramifications of being charged with prescription drug possession.

Source:, “Police: Man in Florida accidentally texts cop advertising drugs for sale, gets arrested”, Accessed on March 3, 2017


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