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Proposed law and those charged with prescription drug trafficking

There is no dispute that drugs are a problem within Florida. In fact, Florida lawmakers are now looking at the prescription drug trafficking problem. As a part of this process, they are considering a bill that would hold drug dealers accountable for opioid overdoses.

Every day, prescription painkillers are purchased on the streets of Florida. Some of these drugs are considered to be even stronger and more dangerous than heroin. Although these drugs do have valid uses for certain medical conditions, their abuse and addiction rate has become a concern. In fact, hundreds of drug overdose deaths have been linked to the drug Fentanyl.

While there are those who do come into possession of these drugs by illegal means, there are also those for whom these drugs are legally prescribed and medically necessary. Many individuals rely on opioids to be able to function on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these drugs are highly addictive.

As a result of the concern over the role that prescription drug trafficking has played in the increase in overdose deaths, lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow those accused of dealing such drugs to be charged with homicide as well. Regardless of whether this proposed Florida law is enacted, when one is arrested and accused of such crimes, he or she will want an experienced defense team analyzing the evidence and working on the case. The fact that one has been accused does not mean that the individual is actually guilty of the charges. Guilt must be proved within a court of law.

Source:, “Drug dealers would face manslaughter charges for opioid overdoses under proposed Florida law“, Andrew O’Reilly, March 9, 2017


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