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Florida hotel site for alleged drug possession activity

The Florida public is essential in the war on drugs. Many times, when someone notices something suspicious, he or she will notify the police. Based upon this tip, police will often investigate the situation and make drug possession arrests.

Recently, Florida police were tipped off about possible drug activity at a local motel. Based upon this information, officers contacted the occupants of the suspected room and made several drug purchases. This provided them with the information needed to obtain a search warrant.

During this process, officers also received a tip about drug activity in a second room at the hotel. An investigation into this led to the discovery of additional alleged drug activity and arrests. Information obtained during this part of the investigation directed officers to a home within the local area where they indicate that drug activity was also present. All in all, marijuana, illegal pills and approximately $1000 were discovered during the investigation.

A total of eleven individuals were charged in this particular investigation. While on the surface it may appear that each of them is guilty, this must be proven within a Florida court. Each individual will want an experienced defense attorney working to make sure that their rights are protected.

In each case, the prosecution must prove that the individual in question was involved in the alleged drug activity. The defense team will want to examine the evidence to see how it applies to the specific individual. Charges of drug possession can have serious repercussions for the individual.

Source:, “Operation: Room Service leads to 11 arrests in Bonifay after motel drug bust“, Shelly Campbell Posted, March 23, 2017


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