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Coaches convicted and sentenced on drug trafficking charges

Many Florida students look up to their coaches. These students respect these individuals and want these coaches to notice them and be a part of their lives. Most of the time, this arrangement establishes a healthy mentor-mentee relationship that is beneficial for the students. However, when the reputation of the coach is called into question and he is charged with drug trafficking, such a relationship might not be in the student’s best interest.

Recently, two Florida football coaches were found guilty on federal drug charges relating to the sale and distribution of marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Authorities indicate that the arrest of these two individuals was the product of an eighteen-month-long investigation. Apparently, authorities used confidential informants as well as undercover officers to purchase items from these individuals in their quest for evidence.

One of the coaches pleaded guilty and was recently sentenced to federal prison for 36 months. The other coach is currently awaiting his sentencing hearing. He is facing a minimum sentence of five years to a maximum sentence of life.

Federal drug trafficking charges carry with them serious consequences. If one is convicted, he or she can expect to spend a considerable time period behind bars. For this reason, the accused will want experienced legal counsel working diligently to ensure that one’s rights are protected and that all evidence is properly considered and presented. As with the cases involving these two coaches, someone arrested on federal drug trafficking charges in Florida can expect to answer to these charges before a federal judge.

Source:, “1 Brevard football coach sentenced, 1 convicted on federal drug charges”, Feb. 27, 2017


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