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Prescription drug crime makes headlines

Prescription drugs are used to treat numerous conditions. There are drugs available to help with blood pressure, weight loss, infections and even pain. For many individuals throughout Florida, a simple visit to the doctor and then pharmacy produces the medication necessary to take care of the problem. However, in some cases, it is possible that prescription drug usage becomes a problem and the possibility of a prescription drug crime occurring becomes a concern.

News reports of individuals abusing prescription pain medication make headlines on a regular basis. Many times, an individual will begin taking this medication to aid with a legitimate condition. However, many times, these types of drugs are addictive, and the individual feels an urgent need to continue taking them even after the prescription is finished. Sometimes, this can lead to a prescription drug problem.

Recently, the director of a Florida hospital was arrested on suspicion of prescription drug crimes. After what they say was a two-year investigation, Florida law enforcement claim that the individual was fraudulently using doctors’ numbers in order to obtain prescription pain medication. Additionally, they claim that he used an identity other than his own in order to obtain prescriptions for pain medications.

In a situation such as this one, the accused individual works in the medical field. Charges relating to a prescription drug crime can have serious repercussions both personally and professionally. When one is accused of such a crime, he or she will want to discuss the matter with experienced legal counsel.

Source:, “Florida hospital director charged with prescription drug fraud”, Feb. 10, 2017


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