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Method does not justify means in drug trafficking case

Florida law enforcement and the Florida courts take a very dim view of drug activities. Drug possession and drug trafficking have both become serious problems throughout the state. As such, law enforcement personnel actively pursuing those who are suspected of being involved in such crimes, and the court system enforces the law in its passing of judgment on those convicted of such crimes.

Although drug activity is a problem within the state, it is not one for which the method of obtaining information justifies the means. In January 2016, law enforcement agents were investigating a drug trafficking case. During the course of this investigation, they came to believe that evidence was located in several storage units. Rather than go through the proper procedures to obtain a search warrant, the agents attempted to break into the storage units.

It appears that they were able to gain access to one of the units. After doing so, they took photos of what appears to be drugs and cash with one of their cell phones. Although this effort to rid the city of drugs sounds like something from an action movie, it also calls into question the methods of the offices and the validity of the evidence they claim to have discovered. The four officers involved in this incident are now facing criminal charges for conspiracy.

Drug trafficking is a serious charge which requires an experienced defense team and defense strategy. Working together with the defendant, the defense team can analyze the evidence that the prosecution claims to have. It is important to remember that the method of obtaining evidence and protecting the rights of the individual are important considerations. They will then be able to develop an appropriate defense for the charges presented before the Florida courts. 

Source:, “4 investigators face criminal charges in alleged illegal search of Orange County storage unit”, David Harris and Christal Hayes, Nov. 18, 2016


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