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Florida man arrested in drug trafficking raid

Drug-related charges can cause concerns for the accused. Florida laws are stringent when it comes to drug possession and drug trafficking, and Florida courts show little mercy in these situations. Anyone accused of such crimes will find it helpful to seek the assistance of an attorney experienced in these matters.

A man from Putnam County was recently arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Police contend that he was using his home as a distribution point for the sale of cocaine. They also contend that a raid of his home produced the supposed cocaine and two handguns. The estimated value of the cocaine was in excess of $1 million. The man’s truck was also confiscated, as police claim that it was used in the transportation of drugs.

While this man’s situation may appear to be bleak, there are still many questions that must be answered. First and foremost, it is essential to verify that his rights are and have been protected. Was the raid on his home justified, and was there a proper search warrant in place? Additionally, what evidence was gathered, and how was it gathered? These are just a few of the questions that will need to be answered in preparing a proper defense for these charges.

Florida drug trafficking charges can be a challenge. However, with a proper defense, these challenges can be met. The defense attorney will want to examine all aspects of the prosecution’s evidence in seeking the most desirable outcome. Additionally, with the help of an attorney, the accused can be assured that his or her rights will be protected.

Source:, “Man sought for trafficking 10 kilos of cocaine arrested”, Oct. 18, 2016


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