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Drug trafficking in Florida a serious matter

Charges relating to drug offenses are a serious matter in the state of Florida. Law enforcement actively investigates and pursues those it believes are involved in drug trafficking crimes. Furthermore, the courts treat drug crimes as a serious offense and show little leniency in the pursuit of justice.

All of this can strike fear in the heart of someone who has been accused of a drug related offense. Questions arise regarding what is going to ultimately happen and what should be done immediately. The answers to these questions all depend upon the specific situation and circumstances surrounding the charges.

Recently, a Florida man was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Police had conducted an investigation and issued a warrant for his arrest. They allege that he is responsible for the sale of heroin to four different groups within that area of Florida. While their investigation suggests that he is a leader of one of the four drug trafficking groups operating in that area, proof of this has not been presented in a court of law.

In a situation like this, a proper defense is vital in protecting the rights of the accused. The defense team will want to analyze the evidence that law enforcement claims connects the accused to the crimes in question. Additionally, the defense team will want to review the methods used to obtain such evidence. All of this will allow the defense team to fight for the rights of the accused individual. Florida drug trafficking charges are something that should be met with a solid defense.

Source:, “Suspected Marion heroin kingpin arrested in Gainesville”, Andy Fillmore, Oct. 3, 2016


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