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Drug trafficking charges can strike fear

Drugs have become a serious problem throughout Florida and the country as a whole. With this in mind, law enforcement personnel have stepped up measures to fight drugs and drug trafficking. These officers are often successful in fighting the problem; however, at times, they make mistakes and an innocent individual suffers.

Recently, two young men were arrested for selling drugs on the campus of Florida State University. While the details of this investigation are still unclear, it is clear that this was an undercover operation. Details regarding exactly how this sale was set up and how it actually took place have not yet been released. However, it is alleged that these two young men sold cocaine with a value of approximately $2800.

When someone is accused and arrested for drug trafficking, the natural reaction is fear. The individual may be concerned about what will happen next and what will happen to his or her future. This fear is a natural reaction, and the best way to begin to alleviate this fear is to discuss the situation with an attorney experienced in these matters.

In preparing to defend drug trafficking charges, the defense counsel will want to review all of the details surrounding the incident. Questions regarding how the supposed transaction was set-up, when and where it took place, who actually did what and more will need to be answered. Drug trafficking is a serious charge, and the Florida courts take a very dim view of it. Prior to facing the system, one will want experienced counsel by his or her side.

Source:, “Cocaine bust on FSU campus”, Julie Montanaro, Sept. 23, 2016


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