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2 Florida teens accused of drug possession

When a Florida resident is accused of possessing drugs, it is helpful to know how the U.S. government classifies them. The drug classes range from one to five, accusations of possessing Schedule I drugs being considered the most serious and Schedule V being the least. No matter the classification, penalties for a drug possession conviction can be severe.

Two Florida men were recently accused of drug possession, police say. The two Marathon men were allegedly in possession of nearly a pound of marijuana. However, the driver informed police that his intention was not to sell the drug but, rather, he prefers to buy in bulk in order to save money, according to the Florida Highway Patrol’s arrest report.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper pulled the men over on U.S. 1 in Key Largo shortly after midnight. The trooper claimed that both men looked like they had been smoking marijuana, according to the report. Several blunts were reportedly found in the vehicle’s ashtray, a marijuana grinder and four half-gallon jars that were supposedly full of marijuana.

Though there have been many advocates of recognizing marijuana as a drug that is medically beneficial, it is still classified as a Schedule I drug by the federal government. Florida residents caught with this substance must prove that they were not intending to gain a profit from the drug. The law allows for different policies regarding those that are first-time offenders versus those that are repeat offenders. No matter the severity of the drug possession charge, an experienced criminal defense attorney is typically consulted to protect one’s interests and fight for the best result possible.  

Source: Miami Herald, “Teen says he doesn’t deal pot, he just always buys it in bulk”, David Goodhue, Aug. 30, 2016


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