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2 charged with drug trafficking after drugs found in car

Two Florida individuals are currently in jail after deputies allegedly discovered what appeared to be narcotics in their car. The two were recently charged with drug trafficking on a recent Sunday morning. The arrest took place in DeFuniak Springs, Walton County.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office has charged a 37-year-old woman, as well as her 34-year-old partner. The police claim that the two left their car doors open with the vehicle’s flashers engaged along the side of State Road 81, close to Ponce de Leon. Deputies spotted the vehicle as they drove by the area.

They then claim that they saw a large amount of methamphetamine and cocaine within the vehicle. The car occupants were discovered shortly thereafter. Both were arrested and issued several charges related to drug trafficking and drug possession. The man was reported to be carrying a fake ID that listed him as an Alabama cop, police said.

Being charged with a crime is really nothing more than a formal accusation, and both of these individuals will remain innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until prosecutors can prove guilt in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. The accused individuals will be entitled by law to separate criminal defenses, including representation by attorneys during the pending Florida legal proceedings. Drug trafficking charges come with potentially severe penalties, should a conviction ultimately be secured. Nevertheless, the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution contains important safeguards against unreasonable searches and seizures, which may be a focal point for each defense counsel in preparing the defenses for the current accusations.

Source:, “Deputies find abandoned car stashed with drugs“, Leah Johnson, May 16, 2016


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